LIPF 2019: July 17 - 26, 2020

About us

LIPF 2020 Faculty, Lecturers, Speakers, and Guest Artists

Artistic Directors: Xun Pan & Ivo Kaltchev

Rhiannon Banerdt; Eric Fung; Matthew Graybil; Amy Gustafson; Ai-lin Hsieh; James Jin; Jiayin Li; Chongxiao Liu; Meng-Chieh Liu; Agnes Maurer; Simon Maurer; Solomon Mikowsky; Francesco Mirabella; Milena Mollova; Antonio Pompa-Baldi; Kate Zink-Saladik; Hedi Salanki; Kin-wai Shum; Kristin Sims; Tania Tachkova; Chenggang Yang; Jeremy Young; Xiaofeng Zhang. 

LIPF, a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the performance and teaching of classical music at the highest standard, is proud to announce the Lancaster International Piano Festival, July 17-26, 2020, in the magnificent The Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center and The Ware Center of Millersville University, Lancaster, PA. Young aspiring concert pianists, teachers, amateurs, and piano lovers at large - all are invited to participate in this inspiring and informative ten-day program.

The goal of the festival is to provide something for everyone by combining an intensive educational program with an outstanding concert series presented by world-class pianists. In 2019, we are so honored to have great pianists such as Antonio Pompa-Baldi, Milena Mollova, Solomon Mikowsky, Ivo Kaltchev, and Xun Pan to give concerts and masterclasses. We invite you to enter the festival as an active participant or observer. Many exciting events will take place during this ten-day program. The participants will have an opportunity to work with prominent pedagogues in daily one-on-one coaching sessions as well as to participate in educational workshops and master classes that will be focusing on both piano solo and piano ensemble repertoire. 

Chamber Music is an important part of the LIPF. Participants in chamber groups will have daily coaching and rehearsing, as well as masterclasse given by artsts like Rhiannon Banerdt, Matthew Graybil, Simon Maurer, Agnes Maurer, and Ai-Lin Hsieh. The 2020 LIPF participants will also have an amazing opportunity to perform in recitals at the Winter Visual & Performing Arts Center and the Trust Performing Arts Center. 

Every year we have an in-house competition in different categories, in 2020, since it’s Beethoven’s 250 birth year, participants should choose two of the Beethoven Bagatelles, one from each of the following two groups, plus another work (or works) from their own choice, and the total time should be under 15 minutes. 6 prize winner will be honored in the final round. (1st Prize: $1000 plus one recital and a concerto with Millersville University Symphony Orchestra in the next season; 2nd Prize: $500; 3rd Prize: $300; Honorable Mentions: $100 each)

Group A  

  Op. 33 No. 1

  Op. 33 No. 2

  Op. 33 No. 5

  Op. 33 No. 7

  Op. 126 No. 2

  Op. 126 No. 3

  Op. 126 No. 6

Group B

  Op. 119 No. 1

  Op. 119 No. 2

  Op. 119 No. 3

  Op. 119 No. 5

  Op. 119 No. 6

  Op. 126 No. 5

LIPF is also offering solfege, yoga/relaxation and culture seminar during the day. In addition to the intensive festival's program, participants will also have many opportunities to explore cultural sights of Philadelphia tour of the Kimmel Center, The Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia Museum of Art and many more. 

From master classes to guest recitals and enlightening lectures, the events of the 2020 Lancaster International Piano Festival will prove to be beneficial and inspiring to its participants as well as enhance Lancaster community with another significant cultural event. Don't miss your chance to join us this coming summer!