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Celebrating the success of the 2013 Festival!

Please join us this year:
July 19-28, 2014

Young aspiring concert pianists, teachers, amateurs, and piano lovers at large - all are invited to participate in this inspiring and informative nine-day program.
LIPF will provide something for everyone by combining an intensive educational program with an outstanding concert series presented by world-class pianists.

Watch the 2013 Takin' it to the Streets video!

Introducing a new class for all ages:

This course is designed to offer a thorough introduction to the piano. A brief history of the piano and overview of the design of the clavichord pianos will begin the course. Elements of pitch, rhythm, and basic music theory will be covered throughout the course intertwined with more in-depth studies of correct fingering of basic scales, arpeggios, and basic repertoire. An emphasis will be placed on musicality, attained by encouraging students to hear the desired sound before playing it on the piano.
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Saturday July 19 - Faculty Concert
Randall Benway, Ivo Kaltchev, Hae-young Kim, Francesco Mirabella, Georgi Mundrov, Hedi Salanki, Xun Pan, and others
7:30 pm - Winter Center - Lancaster

Sunday July 20 – Claire Huangci Concert
7:30pm - Ware Center - Lancaster

Monday July 21 – Peter Frankl Concert
7:30pm - Ware Center - Lancaster

Tuesday July 22 – LIPF Romantic Music Competition
7:30pm - Ware Center - Lancaster

Wednesday July 23 – Joanna Trzeciak "All Chopin" Concert
7:30pm - Ware Center - Lancaster

Friday July 25 – Wei Gong & Chongxiao Liu Concert
7:30pm - Ware Center - Lancaster

Saturday July 26 – Piano Gala Concert
7:30pm - Ware Center - Lancaster